• Company

    Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling

  • SectorIndustry
  • ActivityAutomated food & agro machinery
  • Date06 August 2013
  • CountryNetherlands

Irmato Group acquires Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling


Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling develops, builds and maintains systems for automating manufacturing operations within the Food and Agro industries. Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling offers state-of-the-art total solutions that are as far-reaching as their clients require. These solutions are compiled from modular systems for transporting and handling products, feeding production processes, tray or pallet handling (infeed/outfeed, destacking, denesting). Among other robot suppliers, Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling is unique in its combination of technologies and its patented gripper technologies.

Irmato Group, with sites in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, is a knowledge partner from development to realization for the most suitable solution in machine and device construction. Today, Irmato Group employs more than 300 professional knowledge workers. Over the years, Irmato Group has grown from a monodisciplinary into a multidisciplinary project organization. In view of the increased demand for total solutions, Irmato Group increasingly focuses on offering total concepts or ‘one-stop shopping’. Irmato Group's strength lies in the synergy between the competencies available within the group, with the right combination always being deployed to serve a wide market. Irmato Group offers its highly qualified and motivated professionals complete development pathways with an integrated approach based on the disciplines of: mechanical engineering, electrical, software and control. Within Irmato Group, there is a great diversity of employees - from constructors to system architects, from machine operators to consultants, and from school leavers to experienced operatives. Knowledge and experience are shared within Irmato, with on-the-job training playing a key role.

With the acquisition, Irmato Group makes another big step forward in offering total solutions within engineering and thus further diversifies and strengthens its basis. The strategy of Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling was connecting with a strong partner to further grow in future.

Vitor Moonen, CEO of Irmato Group, explains: “We are very pleased about the acquisition of the food technology machinery and equipment manufacturer Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling. Jentjens developed a state-of-the-art technology offering large worldwide food manufacturers competitive advantage in their production processes. Moreover, Irmato Group adds another interesting and growing client base, like Mars, Plukon, and Wessanen subsidiary Izico (formerly Beckers and Favory Snacks)”.

George Jentjens, CEO of Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling, says: “During the past years we made the transition of a traditional engineering company working within the food machinery sector, to a high technology food machinery and equipment manufacturer. We invested large amounts of capital in the development and realization of automating systems for the handling of products with varying shapes in completely random positions. This development makes the systems and installations especially interesting for industries that work with natural products: Food and Agro (a.o. meat, fish and poultry, snacks, chocolate products, bakery products, bell peppers, cucumbers, fruit). Our customers are leading worldwide food producers. By being incorporated in Irmato Group, Jentjens Smart Oriented Handling is part of a strong international operating engineering company, that will guarantee further expansion”.

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